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Computer Not Powering Up This can be a tricky problem to solve, We will ask you a few questions first to see if we can walk you through a few steps over the phone to get you back up and running. If we determine that you may have a hardware fault or are in need of a Windows re-installation we will be able to send a technician out to your location for assistance. In most cases we can recover your files even if your computer does not turn on. Printer Help Is your printer acting up? There are many different causes for printer failure and our complete printer check process will determine the cause. For error messages, software, or driver problems we can connect to your computer remotely from our office and usually get it fixed on the spot. For other scenarios such as paper jams, broken parts, or other physical problems we can dispatch a technician to just about any area the same day or next day. Hard Drive Failure Hard drives hold all of your valuable data but are expected to fail over time. If this happens it can cause your computer to freeze frequently or not boot up at all. Depending on the state of the drive, it may be possible for us to recover your data and replace the drive. Devices Not Functioning No matter what the device is, we've got you covered. We have many repair options and troubleshooting capabilities. Call us today and we'll let you know the best and most cost effective way to get things working again. How Can We Help? Every hardware problem case is different; we'll determine the type of problem that you have to go over service options. We'll remotely connect to your computer first to look for any error messages related to the problem. For more advanced problems we'll have a technician come out to your location to personally diagnose and repair your hardware. Is Your Computer Slowing Down? Computers accumulate many extra files over time. In fact, every website that you visit actually saves files onto your computer. As you can imagine, after a while that can be a lot of files. This can take up much of you storage space and if you have limited amounts of space that will cause a slowdown. Limited Memory Available When we perform our maintenance on your computer another check that we do is to see what is taking up your memory. Often times there are unnecessary hidden programs that are running in the background using up computer. Our technicians will go through each and every running process of your computer to ensure it is performing at its maximum speed. Duplicate Programs Many people don't realize it but it's very common for us to find a computer with multiple programs doing the same thing. This can cause an extra strain on your processor. We will do a check on your programs to make sure this is not happening to you. How Can We Help? We will do a comprehensive check on your computer to determine the root cause of the slowness. This includes checking your storage space, memory, programs, and startup items. At the same time we will go through and tune up your registry to avoid the delay of loading old our outdated items. Call us today and we'll put that horse power back into that slow PC! Blue Screen of Death - BSOD You're in the middle of working on an important document, or researching on the Internet and all of a sudden your screen turns blue. There are no options, and no way to save your work. This is called the blue screen of death as there is no way out of it. The text on the screen doesn't explain the error, it's just random numbers. If this happens frequently to you, you may have corrupt files on your system and need to be replaced. Program Has Encountered An Error and Needs To Close Another common error message that comes up all too often. There are many causes for this, but rest assured our technical team will be able to troubleshoot the root cause to get you back up and running again. Computer Boots Up But Has No Icons You turn on the computer expecting to see your normal desktop filled with icons, but instead your left with your wallpaper and a mouse cursor. What happened to your icons? This could be either due to a virus on your computer, windows settings or files that are corrupt. Call us today and we'll get your icons back. How Can We Help? Any type of error that you have, we would be happy to fix for you. This includes Microsoft Office, Outlook, or any software program in between. As with every online call, we will provide an additional service free of charge of tuning up your computer to increase its speed and efficiency.